Thirteen Steps Down by Ruth Rendell

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By Ruth Rendell

Combine Cellini has simply moved right into a flat in a decaying condo in Nottinghill, the place he plans to pursue his abiding passions--supermodel Nerissa Nash, whom he worships from afar, and the lifetime of serial killer Reggie Christie, hanged fifty years previous for murdering no less than 8 girls. Gwendolen Chawcer, Mix’s eighty-year-old landlady has few pursuits beside her previous books and her new tenant. yet she does have an interesting connection to Christie. And whilst fact intrudes into Mix’s existence, he turns toi Christie for idea and a protracted pent-up violence explodes. Intricately plotted and brilliantly written, 13 Steps Down enters the minds of those disparate humans as they circulate inexorably towards its breathtaking end.

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He thought this rejoinder extremely old hat. He’d heard his stepfather say it a good twenty years ago. ‘It won’t start unless the key’s in,’ he said in a toneless voice, intended to show her he didn’t think her witty. Still, he should complain. He’d get his fifty-pound callout fee for just coming here. —applied some oil underneath the pedals. Colette switched it off herself and led him back into the bedroom. He sometimes wondered what would happen if the Honourable Hugo Gilbert-Bamber came back unexpectedly but he could always nip back into his clothes and crouch down among the machines with screwdriver and oilcan.

Mix nearly told her that, in his opinion, the damage to the climbing machine was caused by disuse, not wear and tear, and he wasn’t surprised when he looked at the shape and size of her. But he didn’t.

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