14 (The second book in the Taylor Jackson series) by J. T. Ellison

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By J. T. Ellison

Ten sufferers, every one with faded pores and skin and lengthy darkish hair. All were slashed around the throat, an identical pink lipstick smeared throughout their lips.In the mid-1980s the Snow White Killer terrorized the streets of Nashville, Tennessee. Then all of sudden the murders stopped. A letter from the killer to the police said that his paintings used to be done.Now 4 extra our bodies are came upon, marked together with his deadly signature. The citizens of Nashville worry a madman has again, a long time later, to complete his ailing fairy story. murder Lieutenant Taylor Jackson believes the killings are the paintings of a copycat killer who is much more terrifying. For this monster is meticulously honing his craft as he mimics well-known serial murders…proving that the previous isn't to be forgotten.

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Ouch. ” Taylor’s heart sank as she watched Sam ease a small package out of the girl’s vagina. Wrapped in cellophane, it was coated in junk—blood, sperm and whatever else— Taylor really didn’t want to know. Sam eased the package, no bigger than a business card, onto a stainless-steel tray. She gestured to Taylor. ” “Sweetie, that’s the reason I didn’t go to med school and you did. ” Sam picked the packet open gingerly, putting aside the cellophane for later testing. “Trace is going to have a field day with that,” she murmured.

The television that hung from the corner ceiling was on, blaring Stormtracker weather updates from Channel 5. The combination made the room loud and toasty to the point of stifling. Taylor crossed the few feet to her office and opened the door to a draft of relatively cool air. She set her gloves on her desk. The little room was cramped, a television tuned to a different channel blared from the filing cabinet. One of the boys had been watching Oprah. She flipped back to the weather alert. A sorry-looking fern sat next to the television.

Baldwin had demurred on the lunch offer, instead leaving to procure the FBI plane for Price. They were shoveling in the food, needing fuel for the long day ahead. The room fairly hummed with their inten­ sity. Four dead girls, each murdered more horrifically than the last. A serial killer who’d been dormant for years. Among the paper lunch boxes, the murder files were spread before them, white elephants in their midst. Nashville hadn’t seen much in the way of serial killers, per se. They had plenty of serial rapists, and many high-profile murders.

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