150 Years of Spring Street: Victorian Government 1850s to by Robert Murray

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By Robert Murray

Parliamentary govt in Victoria is now greater than a century and a part previous. it's a tale of low and high lighting fixtures, idealistic commitment and self-serving manipulation, with many vibrant figures - yet over the a long time the advance of an outstanding culture of democratic carrier to a hard public with excessive expectancies. This publication concisely describes the delivery within the 1850s of democratic, autonomous govt and its growth over fifteen a long time. This ebook is a paperback booklet of 244 pages and comprises many black and white political cartoons.

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The boon of a half-day holiday on Saturdays also began to spread, allowing many workers a 48-hour week. A principal way forward was through the government requiring an eight-hour day for its services and contractors. 5 Victoria was ahead of Britain and some other Australian colonies in improved working conditions, but none of the boons were Victoria-wide. Miserably long hours remained common for decades, especially on the land, in retailing and domestic service and often in factories. Unionism was at first confined to skilled workers but, particularly in the 1880s, expanded into less skilled occupations, became more organised and looked more to politics.

Though the divisions were bitter and deep, the ‘Berry Blight’ affair was the storm before the calm. By 1880, with virtual adoption of the payment to members principle and exhaustion over the Council, most of the radical agenda of the 1850s had been accomplished. A more detailed discussion of some of these developments follows. Unlocking the land The great vision of the late 1850s was that as gold ran out the large population it supported would become prosperous small farmers, taking over and making more bountiful the vast squatting runs.

Berry’s supporters, however, believed the civil service was over-manned and over-paid at its higher levels. Vast numbers more, including railwaymen and police, trembled for their jobs. 1 Months of business depression followed and critics called it the ‘Berry Blight’ on the Victorian economy. London severely reproved the governor, Sir George Bowen, for assenting to such an arbitrary action and soon afterwards moved him to Mauritius. Bowen had taken the view that it was a local issue and he should follow the advice of his ministers.

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