56 Devotions on Short Notice by Robert A. Wallace

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By Robert A. Wallace

Ebook through Wallace, Robert A.

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Lean and tough— like Christmas, that first Christmas, at any rate. " Today Christians speak of the faith journey. Christianity is not a room but a road, not a resting place but a route march, not a conclusion but a quest. It is more than a theory about life in this universe, more than a superb set of rules written on paper— it is a path along which we journey, it is a way of life. This idea has appeal for North Arnericans who have, as a nation, always been a people on the move, on the road. Think of some of the feats of pioneering courage that belong to your own families.

They do not so much reflect his glory as allow it to shine through them. " Probably the prime candidate for sainthood in most people's minds would be Mother Theresa of India. She displays all the qualities we have discussed. All of us, however, have encountered our own saints. What of those in the next generation? Where will they find their saints? Most of us would disclaim any prospect of sainthood in ourselves. If every Christian were to disqualify himself/herself, then we would come to the end of sainthood in the church.

Here are the deepest yearning—dawn yearnings, Advent yearnings—in the watch that ends the night. A new day is dawning. Those who have seenCats will know what powerful feelings are evoked by the words and music of songs that carry these emotions of longing and hope: daylight ... must wait for the sunrise ... the new life ... mustn't give in ... when dawn comes, tonight a memory ... a new day begins. Walk in the light of God's hope. " Some have encountered the saints of God whose faces actually light up in prayer, made radiant by the inner glow of God's sure presence.

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