A Biographical Dictionary of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern by Joseph McCabe

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By Joseph McCabe

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No other man did as much as this distinguished atheist for the emancipation of Spain. " Gallatin, Albert (1761-1849), statesman. Educated in Europe, where he adopted Deism. Returning to the States he made a fortune and entered politics, serving as Secretary to the Treasury at one time and then Minister to France. " They soon wormed their way in, of course, and Gallatin walked out in disgust. His son James confirms in his diary that his father was a follower of Voltaire. M. (1867-1933), eminent British writer and Nobel Prize winner.

Three Popes in succession fought him, and with "ferocity and unscruptulousness" (the historian Holland admits), and his freethought was so well known that an anti-Christian work called The Three Impostors (Moses, Jesus and Mohammed) which then appeared was attributed-dubiously-to him. He invited the other Christian monarchs to depose the Pope. But his political position as ruler from the Baltic to Sicily was too unstable, and he often had to make concessions, such as penal laws against heresy, to the Popes.

The circumstances of the time compelled him to wage much war and indulge in tortuous diplomacy, but he was a most wise and humane ruler of his people. He inaugurated the advance of Germany to the position of a great power. That he was a Deist, the protector of Voltaire and other Deists, even a Jesuit has never questioned. D. (1856-1939), Founder of Psycho-analysis. In his last work, Der Mann Moses and die momoptheistiche Religion (1939), he showed, that, as most folk had assumed, he was a thorough freethinker.

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