A Commentary, critical and explanatory on the Norwegian text by H. Logeman Ph. D., Hon. L. L. D. (Glasg.) (auth.)

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By H. Logeman Ph. D., Hon. L. L. D. (Glasg.) (auth.)

A statement on Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.- Textual feedback on Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.- Preface.- Textual Criticism.- Addenda and Corrigenda.- Abbreviations and Bibliography.

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Jeg har ingen Tf6rst. I am not athirst. 1. 1509 and 1668: han er tf6rst; er du tf6rst, Danish: han er tf6rstig. Tf6rst for tf6rstig here is one of the Norwegianisms that Lyder Sagen, the famous teacher of Dansk-Norsk - for whom every Norwegian form was bad because "only dialect"-, thought it his duty to protest against; cf. S. I. S. p. 148. 584. Skotted ned paa. .. det hvide sprede! looked down at her .. " snow-white apron! Here U has: Saa ned paa det hvide Spredet, rhyming on Klredet instead of as in R, on Klrede.

To 1. 2436. -20 - lie no. no.? likt lue love no. no. lux no. 10sunge no. niste n0re op (p. 146) no. no. n0ste no. -rev (reb? ) no. ryddig no. sexti no. ski skigard da. -gaard no. smidje snau snev sprute sprrek stabur stry stubbe svart sreter tilgagns tilgars tusse ving yr 0X no. no. da. adj. no. no. no. da. also da. no. no. no. (p. 194: thusse) da. vinge no. da. 0xe. 254. Skarv. a scamp; d. S. 1. S. p. 191, in the sense of a crow it is both Norwegian and Danish. 255. Hjemme ligger du i Gruen. Lounging by the hearth at home.

P. 16 seqq. I) In J. 718 (end of first act) we have Guds dt1Jd og plage. As to dt1Jd og pine and pinedt1Jd, see Professor jespersen's paper in the Festskrift to Dr. Feilberg, p. 38. 3) Dr. Western supplies another by telling me that he seems to have heard "jo, piskadau". I add that johan Bojer uses: bitterdausen in Den Store Hunger and that I have a distinct recollection of having at one time found piskende d0d in print as well as a short note on the expression; I regret to say that no trace of it can be found in my notes.

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