A Companion to the History of the English Language by Haruko Momma, Michael Matto

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By Haruko Momma, Michael Matto

A better half to the background of the English Language addresses the linguistic, cultural, social, and literary methods to language research. the 1st textual content to provide a whole survey of the sphere, this quantity offers the main updated insights of prime overseas scholars.

  • An available connection with the heritage of the English language
  • Comprises greater than sixty essays written by means of major overseas scholars
  • Aids literature scholars in incorporating language learn into their work
  • Includes an ancient survey of the English language, from its Germanic and Indo- ecu beginnings to trendy British and American English
  • Enriched with maps, diagrams, and illustrations from old publications
  • Introduces the most recent scholarship within the field

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Matto & Momma; McIntosh; Bailey) Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language is published. (Brewer) French-speaking Acadians are expelled from Canada by British, settle in Louisiana and are called Cajuns. xxxii 1773 1776 1780s 1783 1786 1787 1789–99 1795 1800 1803 1811–18 1819 1820 1828 1831 1835 1836 1837–1901 1840s 1845–9 1852 1858 1859 A Timeline for HEL British establish a Governor Generalship in India. (Sridhar) Thomas Jefferson drafts American Declaration of Independence. (Simpson) British begin to settle in Australia.

For students who engage in English studies at English-speaking institutions, however, the “language” part of the degree they work towards may seem somewhat redundant. After all, don’t they know English already? Indeed, English programs today probably attract students who hope to apply their competence in their native language to the study of literature. This invisibility of language in literary studies is a relatively recent phenomenon, however. Historically speaking, the practice of coupling “language” and “literature” for an academic study of English goes back to the nineteenth century when the discipline of modernlanguage studies was developed within the paradigm of the new philology, which placed emphasis on the historicity of the vernaculars.

ISBN: 978-1-405-12992-3 4 Michael Matto and Haruko Momma evolutionary process to be a teleological development towards some perfected end when in fact evolution is by definition an ongoing process whose perpetual state is change. HEL as a subject is the study of an evolutionary process in Gould’s strict sense: it is not the story of the “perfection” of the language, but rather of its ongoing metamorphosis within changing environments. At any moment the language represents at once the culmination of past changes and the starting place for future evolution.

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