A Grammar of Yankunytjatjara by Cliff Goddard

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By Cliff Goddard

Initially a Ph.D. thesis. This reprint publishes the thesis pages in step with actual web page aspect.

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Baaaayatjarra (Glaa•·aod Hackett 1970). ore extr. e, and tavolve auch aorpho•yutactic a• well a• lexical variation. While aoat of the c:ouc:luaions in thia Work probably apply also to Pitjantj- ' atjara. the reader should conclude nothing fro. it about any other dialect of the Western Desert Language. unity c. e about through Yami Lester. a Yankunytjatjara 11an who ill presently Director of the Institute for Abori&inal Developaent in Alice Springs. Senior Yankunytjatjara men and women wanted to have their dialect 'written down' and recognised by white authorities as distinct from the Pitjantjatjara dialect.

Nouns may also denote places, natural phenomena, noises, ritual happenings and linguistic entities like words and languages. To account for certain types of noun phrase structure it is useful to recognise a seal! 2-3) like~ 'flesh food', wati 'initiated man', tjulpu 'bird'. Adjectives in Yankunytjatjara can be roughly divided into active and stative classes. Stative adjectives are the semantically prototypical adjective - ascribing more. or less permanent properties to the referent of a noun phrase.

The DEFinite. e as that previously mentioned, or understood. e of the characteristic& of a Jag pronoun. 2). 3). ~ee and clitic pronoun• are aore or leaa interchangeable and . Y occur toaether ' 17 with the effect of contraative emphAaia. 1-5). Semantically,they depict activities, processes, events, aoods and feelings. verbs which can. categorise them into two main subclasses - intransitive and transitive. , and verbs of perception such as seeing, hearing and smelling. Lexically simple. intransitives include those of stance and motion, like standing, sitting and walking, some bodily processes like crying and laughing, and some spontaneous events like falling.

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