After The Fall by Ryan Phillips

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By Ryan Phillips

A accident turns a suffering global the wrong way up, after they are excited by a close to deadly motor vehicle twist of fate. damaged, stripped and damaged back, they each one stumble via a trip of therapeutic and self-discovery the merciful hand of the one one that might help them up after a fall.

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Abby pried her eyes open and tried to blink away the vertigo. In the distance she heard a foghorn. She shook her head and glanced to her left. Jarvis’s body was slumped over the steering wheel. The foghorn in the background grew louder and more persistent. ” Abby croaked. She reached out her lacerated hand and shook him. ” He groaned. The foghorn grew even louder. She heard sirens in the distance. She tried to unfasten her seat belt, but the car, which was in a precarious position, moaned and threatened to roll onto its roof.

Not in my family. I never had a chance. I was doomed from the moment my mom went into labor—from the moment I refused to nose-dive out of her like dear, precious Val. “Abigail, on the other hand,” Mom usually went on, “was impossible. I nearly died giving birth to her. First she got herself wrapped around the umbilical cord and then she was breach. It was such a struggle. Finally, I’d lost so much blood they decided to give me a cesarean. I must’ve been in labor for twenty straight hours. When I woke up after surgery, there she was—massive with those shifty little eyes.

She inherited Mom’s classic beauty. She got the green eyes and the loose, shiny 49 After the Fall ringlets, the small waist and slender thighs. I, on the other hand, got stuck with plain brown eyes and a Brillo pad for hair. In addition to beauty, Val was endowed with an exuberant take-charge personality that often left me cast beneath her shadow, hidden by her many achievements. I wanted to step outside of myself—to command the same kind of attention, the same kind of respect—but I was painfully shy.

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