Alchemy Unveiled by Johannes Helmond

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By Johannes Helmond

This booklet places all rumors apart on alchemy. it tells immediately up what's actual alchemy and what's faux. this can be very informative and that i may suggest it to somebody attracted to the topic

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Why then, of all things, should the WORD be the arch-principle of creation, as the Quabbalah teaches? Why not, just as well, the NUMBER, as Pythagoras expounded? Or, the geometrical Principle, as proclaimed by Plato? It could also be said, that everything was created through the LIGHT, and that the whole of Nature in all its graduations, represents only a colourful scale of the Primordial-Light. Without Light, there is no Life! It does not matter if (it is) WORD, NUMBER, LIGHT or the geometrical Principle; basically, all of this is One, namely an expression of the activity of the eternal divine Wisdom.

It then descends back again to earth as Dew-Water, pregnant with the heavenly seed which it softens and dissolves, and in their Inner, the Central Sun (from the Sulphur) coagulates the Heavenly Light contained in the Azoth, because the Mercurius (Spirit) dissolves the Corpus; the Sulphur (the Soul) however, coagulates the Spirit to a Corpus. The Eagle (Spirit) is therefore the first part that is led into the heights, Hermes subtile ascension, the Spirit of Heaven, the Fontana Bernhards. As soon as the Eagle has flown, the body or the green Lion remains behind with the enclosed Soul the Lion's blood or Gold lustre.

At this point the Human Being, who has been previously plagued by demons, emerges as a "Born Again Human Being" from this inner quarrel, and paradise opens itself up to such a person with its divine wonders. This is actually the true Process of the Magnum Opus of the true Alchemists, which for centuries, was completely wrapped up in a mysterious darkness. Of course, keeping this a secret, had valid reasons, because through the wrong and improper employment of the alchemistical process, the greatest calamity could come into being.

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