All Through the Night (Holiday Classics) by Mary Higgins Clark

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By Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark, the Queen of Suspense, celebrates the season with this Christmas vintage that includes of her so much cherished characters.

ALL in the course of the NIGHT

All of Alvirah's deductive powers and Willy's world-class good judgment are referred to as upon because the stumble right into a Christmas secret. a lady abandons her baby at a ny church. concurrently, a thief is absconding with a valuable artifact, a chalice decorated with a star-shaped diamond. To elude police, he grabs the stroller and disappears. Seven years later, the mum returns to the scene and reveals Alvirah and Willy supporting local youngsters arrange for a Christmas competition at an after-school shield. quickly the savvy sleuths got down to clear up the puzzle of the lacking baby and chalice -- and to unmask rip-off artists threatening to close down the defend.

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Baker, a stocky man in his mid-thirties, with a boyish face, dark brown hair and shrewd china-blue eyes, was wearing a black suit with a black tie. Beside him, his wife, Linda, also dressed in black, was holding a handkerchief to her face. Trying to squeeze out a tear no doubt, Alvirah thought dryly. She had met Vic and Linda for the first time on Thanksgiving. Aware of her sister's failing health, Kate had invited Alvirah and Willy, Sister Cordelia, Sister Maeve Marie and Monsignor Thomas Ferris, the pastor of St.

All Through the Night" is one of my favorite carols, she reflected, as she looked affectionately at her husband of more than forty years. In profile, his resemblance to the late Tip O'Neill, the legendary Speaker of the House of Representatives, was even more startling than when viewed full on, she decided. With his shock of white hair, his craggy features, his keen blue eyes and warm smile, Willy was often the recipient of startled glances of recognition, even though it was several years since O'Neill's passing.

She spent the next six hours dozing, her light sleep filled with vague, unsettling dreams; then she woke with a start. " she got up, put on her favorite old chenille robe, fastened on her sunburst pin with its tiny concealed recording microphone, got her pen and the tabbed note-book in which she kept the record of her ongoing investi-gations, made herself a cup of tea, settled down at the small dining table overlooking Central Park, turned on the microphone in her pin and began to think out loud.

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