American Government and Politics Today: Essentials 2011 - by Barbara A. Bardes; II Mack C. Shelley; Steefen W. Schmidt;

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By Barbara A. Bardes; II Mack C. Shelley; Steefen W. Schmidt; Larry N. Gerston; Terry Christensen

AMERICAN executive AND POLITICS this present day: THE necessities 2011-2012 variation conjures up scholars to hitch the intriguing technique of being energetic, expert electorate. Bardes, Shelley, and Schmidt supply an independent and concisely prepared assessment of this crucial topic, up to date with whole Election 2010 insurance and the most recent at the financial downturn and restoration coverage. The text's primary subject is still the significance of partaking in lively citizenship, emphasizing continuous serious brooding about political concerns, and inspiring scholars to get involved within the political approach. With a willing realizing of the wishes and pursuits of ultra-modern scholars, the authors comprise considerable present examples, together with elevated assurance of the impression of the net and different media, to stimulate studying and pleasure. The textual content is redesigned for even larger reader allure.

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Authority and Legitimacy Every government must have authority—that is, the right and power to enforce its decisions. Ultimately, the government’s authority rests on its control of the armed forces and the police. Almost no one in the United States, however, bases his or her day-to-day activities on fear of the government’s enforcement powers. Most people, most of the time, obey the law because this is what they have always done. Also, if they did not obey the law, they would face the disapproval of friends and family.

Oligarchy Rule by a few. Anarchy The condition of no government. Democracy A system of government in which political authority is vested in the people. The term is derived from the Greek words demos (“the people”) and kratos (“authority”). Direct Democracy A system of government in which political decisions are made by the people directly, rather than by their elected representatives; probably attained most easily in small political communities. Legislature A governmental body primarily responsible for the making of laws.

In the 1790s in the United States, only free white males were able to vote, and in some states they had to be property owners as well. Women in many states did not receive the right to vote in national elections until 1920, and the right to vote was not secured in all states by African Americans until the 1960s. Today, universal suffrage is the rule. Because everyone’s vote counts equally, the only way to make fair decisions is by some form of majority will. But to ensure that majority rule does not become oppressive, modern democracies also provide guarantees of minority rights.

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